Saturday, September 8, 2012

First batch home!

You can probably tell I was drawn to the lighter glazes. The light blue is called Robin's Egg. I think the name's accurate. :)

Actually I have had these home for some time now, just haven't gotten them up here on the blog. In my class, we started out using a clay with grog which produces the speckles most of these pieces have.
A few of these pieces are some of the first that I threw when I started the class. We waited until the last session to glaze. Talk about anticipation! I can literally see how the quality of the pieces change and progress as I gain more experience. I am starting to focus more on the finishing touches and details, like leveling off the rim and trimming down to the curve I want. Oh trimming, so therapeutic!

I am still experimenting with different shapes and sizes. There are so many options out there. More to come! (Think polka-dots!) :)

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