Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First go at it

One of my first pieces. I started out with more clay than that. :)

Week 1 of pottery class: Wedging and cylinders.

The first class, we learned how to wedge. I thought this consisted of cutting the clay in little wedges. That makes sense right? You can tell I did a lot of research before starting the class.
Wedging is sort of like kneading dough, really dense and hard dough. I hadn't quite gotten the rhythm down yet and made it harder than it should have been ( I have now learned). We had to wedge for about 2 hours straight and I was seriously sweating. On my way home I tried to scratch my head and was surprised that my fingers just wouldn't do it! Trying to type and use my hands at work the next day was near to impossible. My hands would enter into a full out shake.

The three top pictures are my first attempts at pulling a cylinder. These have only been fired, not glazed. The fact that they didn't blow up in the kiln is a good start.

The picture just below are pieces done by those that use the studio, not mine.

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